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    War to end all war?

    Along with many across the nation we commemorated the centary of the beginning of WW1 last week. As we remembered and honoured the courage and sacrifices made by so many during the Great War, we found ourselves asking 'How do we work for real and lasting peace in our world today?'  It's a question that demands an urgent answer. 

    We have watched in horror and disbelif as Israel and Hamas launched missile attacks on one another, as a missile brought down MH17 over the Ukraine and IS unleashed the terrible persecution and atrocities against minorities in Iraq.  From the sidelines of our TVs we watch politicians and faith leaders try to bring  help and rescue to those in need and a halt to hate and genocide with a sense of helplessness.

    But we are never helpless because the bible tells us we are never alone.   Jesus promises to be with us always by his Spirit and to hear us when we cry out to him.  This is a time when the followers of Jesus can stand with their fellow human beings, cry out to God with the church around the world for the strength and courage needed at this time.    Amen, Lord have mercy.

    Country Day Out at Creech Grange

    Our annual summer fete was a huge success thanks to the help and suport of any army of volunteers and supporters.  We welcomed over 1200 people and raised around £6000 for the parish.  Thank you to all the volunteers who made it possible.  Particular thanks goes to Norman Hayward for his generous hospitality in opening his home for us. 
    More pictures in our photo gallery.

    What's on?

    As well as our on line calendar, news of what's happening is published in our Pew Sheet  & Monthly Calendar.

    New Rector

    Put 23rd October in your diary so you won't miss the licensing  of Canon Simon Everett as the next Rector of Wareham in Lady St Mary at 7.30pm.




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