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Rainbows – Did you know that a rainbow consists of millions of spheres of water that refract the light, breaking white light down into the seven component colours?  Did you also know that everyone looking at a rainbow sees it slightly differently because of their angle to the light source?  However you look at it, a rainbow is a wondrous and beautiful thing.  According to the Bible the rainbow is a sign of God’s promise never to flood the whole earth again.

The season of self examination, of re-aligning our lives to that of Christ, reaches its great climax with the resurrection of Jesus from the dead.  On Good Friday we mourn his death but on Easter Sunday we celebrate glorious new life.

The ominous black clouds are blasted apart by brilliant rays of sunlight seemingly splitting the sky in two.

Because of Easter, we know that God is the one and only, the supreme power worthy of our worship.  He is the one that created the rainbow in the heavens as a promise, a testament, of His continuing love for us.

In gratitude for that open-handed love, we should live our lives as Jesus showed us; honouring God and turning away from the tempting lure of worldly excesses.

Jesus Christ is risen – Alleluia

I wish you all a happy and peaceful Easter.


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