Ministry Team Letter for the Month

Responding to God's call


Looking back to our recent Mission Sunday, it was encouraging to hear of the good things our mission partners are doing to share the good news of Jesus in various places around the world. Looking forward to the end of June, it will be a joy to see our Assistant Curate Helen Williams ordained priest at Salisbury Cathedral. Please continue to pray for our mission partners (the Taylor Family, Ruth Guinness, St Stephen's School Terekeka and Andy Bowerman) and for Helen as she prepares for her priesting.


When we think about the idea of being called by God, what comes to mind may often be people like the Taylors, Ruth, Andy or Helen. People who have a particular calling - to ordained ministry in the church, or missionary work in a particular place or amongst a particular people. But the truth is that we are all called by God. Being called is not just preserve of those serving God in far-flung nations, or those who wear a clerical collar.


We read in 1 Peter 2:9, “But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possession, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light.” This is the true identity of all God’s people.


A total of 98% of people in the Church of England are not ordained, and the church should be a place where that 98% are inspired, empowered and equipped to serve God in their daily lives. To “declare the praises of him who called you” in words and actions, in the places where you are day by day - at home, at work, volunteering in the community, caring for relatives, at the shops or in the gym.


Yes, God calls some to the mission field in other countries and cultures, but for most Christians, the mission field is right here, in the place where God has put you, and with the people amongst whom you live. All of these places and people matter to God, he loves them and wants them to be touched and transformed by his love. 


The pandemic has shown us the importance of local community and good neighbourliness. As we emerge from lockdown, how may God be calling you to share his love and be a blessing to those around you? What new opportunities may you have as restrictions are eased? And how can we as the church support, equip and pray for you in this? 


Let’s do all we can to support and pray for our mission partners and for Helen as she prepares for her priesting, but let’s also be open to the ways God is calling us to share his love in our daily lives in and around Wareham. And as we do so, may we see God at work in new ways in our lives and in those around us.


Every blessing, Stuart

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